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golden retriever price

Golden Retriever Price in India: A complete Guide for A Breed of Remarkable Loyalty

Golden retrievers are medium-large bundles of joy. They have dense coats, and their colours range from cream to golden. They originated in Scotland and have been loved by all dog lovers ever since.

What is the temperament and nature of a golden retriever Puppy like?

Goldens are known for their friendly and eager-to-please personalities. They are extremely intellectual and affectionate. They can be great family dogs. They are patient and gentle, which makes them great around children. They’re rarely aggressive. However, they should be properly socialized. They have high energy levels, which is why they require daily exercise. A good tip to keep them active is to allow them to sniff for a couple of minutes. Sniffing is as good an exercise as walking. This doesn’t mean that you can substitute walking with sniffing; it is a great addition to their daily walks and can enhance their overall health owing to the extra calories they’re burning. Golden retrievers are generally very healthy breeds. However, they are prone to hip or elbow dysplasia, which is why it is essential to adopt them from the right people. They are wonderful companions and extremely versatile. They can be guiding dogs and therapy dogs and are also great hunters!

golden retriever price

Golden Retrievers Puppies and Fresh Dog Food

Being cute and cuddly is not an easy joy, which is why our big golden bundle of joy requires ample nutrition to function healthily. We want to make sure that they are eating right and not overeating or under-eating. Feeding them premium, moisture-rich food is essential for every dog’s well-being. Look for foods that are high in protein, such as chicken, and low in fillers, as well as preservatives. Golden retrievers require essential fatty acids like omega-3s to maintain their majestic appearance. The golden retriever is a double-coat breed with a long and smooth outer coat and a soft and fuzzy undercoat. A good diet is important in order to maintain a healthy coat. Their diet also needs to be rich in calcium and phosphorus in order to maintain and support their bone health. Take your golden for regular health checkups with a certified veterinarian. Always make sure that they are up to date with their vaccinations. 

For a better quality of life, you can also incorporate supplements into your dog’s diet. Pre and probiotics coat supplements, or supplements for bone and joint health, can be used to improve their overall health and well-being. With Puppiezo’s premium line of nutritious and moisture-rich fresh foods, your Golden retriever can always be hydrated and healthy. Keep the water bowls filled for your little golden baby to ensure that they are drinking ample amounts of water. A good way to check the overall body condition of a golden retriever is to check their waistline. Their waistline should be visible when viewed from the top, and it should not be too small or too big. Our fresh meals also come with feeding guides to ensure that your pet is eating healthy food in the right quantity.

Golden Retriever Puppy and Grooming

Golden retrievers Puppy are beautiful babies. This beauty, however, needs to be maintained. Use a slicker brush and brush them regularly in order to remove any loose hair and prevent tangling. Golden retrievers shed quite a lot, which is why regular brushing is essential. Brush their teeth 2-4 times a week and clean their ears every week. Trim their nails while ensuring that you only trim the curved part of the nail and not the blood vessel. While bathing a golden retriever, use a high-quality, sulphate-free shampoo and let them shake off any excess water. Then proceed to pat dry with a towel.

golden retriever price

Can you keep a golden retriever puppy alone at home?

You can leave your golden Puppy alone for a couple of hours or even for a day. However, some necessary precautions need to be taken in order to ensure that they are comfortable at home while being alone. They need to have enough toys and tools to entertain themselves. It is better to train them for these things when they are younger rather than when they are much older. Leave the puppy alone for a couple of minutes with some toys; if they start whining, do not come back until they stop. Do this daily and keep increasing the training time every week. It requires a lot of patience; do not leave them alone abruptly, and definitely not when they are just a puppy. Leaving a golden retriever alone is a terrible feeling, however, if you work full time and don’t have many options. Take your time to train them appropriately. Stimulate their mind and body by taking them outside for walks twice a day. Goldens are very active, which is why they need to be properly exercised. They pee every 3-5 hours, which is why someone needs to take them out for pee breaks. It could be a friend or your neighbor. Spend more quality time when you are back home.

You can have a full-time job and still raise a golden retriever, but only if you can take on the responsibility of keeping your goldie happy and comfortable.

Price of golden retriever in India

Golden Retriever Price: The price of a golden retriever in India starts at ₹36,000 onwards. It depends on whether the dog is KCI registered, a champion line dog, or a normal golden retriever.

Dog breeds that golden retrievers get along with

The golden retriever is a very sociable dog. They love socializing with people and other dogs. However, if you’re looking to get a companion dog for your golden retriever, you can adopt another golden retriever. They can keep each other company and can be great companions owing to their similarities. They’ll hold each other active and happy. Another good fur buddy for your golden retriever is the Labrador, which is basically a golden retriever without long fur. They have a lot in common; they are also playful, energetic, and outgoing. Golden retrievers also get along with poodles and beagles.

Last but not least, the cocker spaniel. They also get along with goldies, and they can love each other’s company. Plus, training a cocker spaniel is much easier.

golden retriever price in india

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