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Rottweiler Dog


The Rottweiler dog is a powerful, loyal dog with a loving heart, much like the ancient Greek hero Hercules. Rottweiler puppies can melt your heart instantly and when adult, these dogs turn out to be wonderfully intelligent and loyal companions. Pure quality Rottweiler puppies sourced from certified and knowledgeable breeders are now available for you to buy online at affordable prices.

Becoming a pet parent can be daunting, but don’t worry. At Puppiezo, we deliver healthy, cute puppies from certified breeders for sale across India. Yes! You read that right – We deliver Rottweiler puppies pan India and cater to your dog-parenting needs online. Read below to know more about a Rottweiler Dog.


The Rottweiler Dog is a sturdy working breed developed from the mastiffs of the Roman legions. Within the confines of the household, the Rottie is a kind playmate and a protector while viewing the outer world with a confident aloofness. The shiny, short black coat with stylish rust marks adds to the impression of commanding power. The Rottie’s smooth trotting pace is powered by its heavily muscled hindquarters. A Rottie that has been bred and nurtured appropriately will be confident and at ease, brave but not overly aggressive. To their loved ones, Rotties are known for their liveliness and outright hilarity, despite their world-class guardians’ reserved exterior to strangers. Territorial impulses in a Rottie can be positively channelled through early socialisation and training.

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