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Ragdoll Cat

A huge, impressive, and lavishly coated cat breed is the ragdoll. A long, slender cat with a broad chest, a short neck, and robust legs may be found below an amazing silky, dense, and semi-long to long haired coat.

“The Ragdoll cat breed was essentially invented by Californian cat breeder Anne Baker in the early 1960s. To create her foundation Ragdolls, Anne employed an Angora-type cat, a seal-mitted male (white gloves and boots over a Siamese type colour), and a solid black cat.
The Ragdoll cat is referred to as “”astonishingly equable”” and is a very amiable, laid-back, and loving cat to live with. However, owners rarely keep only one Ragdoll because of their alluring looks and calm, relaxed personalities. “

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